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What is Energy?

How can I see my emotions as energy? What we see on the surface is not what it looks like underneath. Seeing Emotions as Energy is to dive deep underground. The surface level is just that, the top layer. Deep within is a vast environment of essential nature, truth, libraries of stories we carry and galleries of images we have cataloged and kept. There are great algorithms that weave backwards and propel forwards. And these networks of energy I describe are just through the lense of my own enquiry. I am also connected to others, their networks and hives of energy, my ancestral stories and the generations ahead. What deep webs we weave of emotions….we are all connected…
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Ancestral Journeys

Ancestral journeys take us deep into the raw emotions of lineage, of health and trauma of the family. Today I honoured my maternal bloodline with a journey for the menstrual cycle from menses, to motherhood to menopause. Throughout my preparation and journey the aspects of the three kept coming through in a pattern. Maiden, Mother, Matriarch needed honouring in youthfulness, in pain, in suffering, in shame and held with compassion. These times are of deep witnessing, deep love and deeply rooted in my bones. I am my ancestors after all, we are them, we have the capacity to hold a container for them and to witness our own lives as vessels of their wisdom and a releasing of their pain through our allowing.
Thank you Ancestors for all that now Is.
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