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Reiki Meditations – from me to you

I have created two meditations for all Reiki Practitioners new and established. A routine daily practice for cleansing and opening to Reiki Energy. Although anyone can follow the Hatsurei-Ho meditation and enjoy it as a meditation, just follow my voice and the Reiki will flow. It is a great way to bring Reiki into your daily spiritual development. The energy will flow and assist in your connection to the Universal Life Force Energy all around.

The second recording is for everyone. It is Reiki infused as a Reiki treatment session. It is intended as a releasing meditation that flows from your feet upwards through the body to the head. It brings awareness to parts of you holding on, and with my voice, in Reiki, it invites these places of your body to let go.

You can download these mediations by going to my Shop at, just follow the link below.

I request a donation for the download of my energy to your energy. Please donate to me at the link below, the donation is £5 for downloading and you can listen as often as you wish.

Thank you for your gorgeous and generous support, I appreciate your exchange, from my heart to yours.