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Can you feel it? the energies of the solstice where high vibe people. On the 14th of December I experienced so many synchronicities it was like magic had landed on the planet. I feel I am now searching for a deeper meaning and understanding to this world of ours, this Oneness we hold as the earth beneath our feet. I feel like a new name is growing. I understand that Mother Earth and Gaia are names that have been used and I like them, but I feel Grandmother Earth is coming up as an appropriate relationship description. Yes, I said, relationship. If we hold our Earth our Planet in sacred reciprocity isn’t this Earth a Wise Elder after all?

What is Landing within you?


Tree Gathering


For WPC: Gathering

The darkened spruce
In the forest park
Stretching to heights
To reach the skylark

The cones and the ferns
Fallen to ground
Displaying tones
Of greenest foreground

The smell of the pines
Tell of winter perfumes
Of earthy emotions
Till daylight resumes