Weekly Writing Challenge: Blog Your Block

Garden Show



Jasminum grandiflorum
Spiralling with no decorum
Braiding lilac tree of purple
Interlacing to encircle

Underneath the scented tree
Dances the honey bee
Tall heads of lavandula
Sway with small petunia

The garden wall displays a banner
Of pink clematis montana
Soft pastels parade and flatter
Like the prunus serrulata

Pirouetting ballerinas
With skirts of white gardenias
Elegant show of fashion
Intently and with passion

Classic petals of the rosa
Hug together much closer
For perfumes made in summer
In a jar, for dear Mother

Garden of timeless botanics
Stimulating with aromatics
Memories conjured by smell
Casting a magical spell

Photograpy by JTS@Medicinalmeadows


Weekly Photo Challenge: On The Move

On The Move




As colours float by
See the dancing butterfly
Let flight now begin
With a flutter of the wing

To paint the world in bold
A portrait to behold
Violet, blue and yellow
A vision so mellow

Calm consumes the mind
Nothing to seek or find
One beauty starting new
And now, so can you


Weekly Writing Challenge: Flash Fiction

Weekly Writing Challenge: Flash Fiction

Path to a Dream

The paths lead to high rockery beds
Under azalea trees of pink pompom heads

The higher the paths the clearer the views
Of rolling mountains and snow tops too

Walk downward through daffodils, snowdrops on display
The lower paths yield to colours that pave the way

In a carpet of yellow, a half-moon seat
Under trees and patterns a glorious treat

The steps direct to mountains and skylines of blue
The windy path, to a fountain of quiet will do

With a field and a gate that entices the feet
To a hidden tarn in the summer heat

With tall grasses, a stillness, reflections, so calm,
And swans watch as the sun beams down to charm

An abandoned shack once had a boat
That glided the water and slowly did float

Where you and I could have slept the night
The full moon would have glistened and beamed so bright



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Weekly Writing Challenge: Time for Poetry











Weekly Writing Challenge: Time for Poetry

Place of Solace

High winds challenge the beams
Drafts that succumb the seams
Candles dance, sway and flicker
Sunlight appears as glitter

Stone pillars up high captures
The ceilings heavenly rafters
Glimpses of small angelic faces
Wings of cherubim’s hiding places

Sandstone patterns in lattice
A gemstones emulating facets
Rainbow light beaming down
On a crucifix, a thorny crown