Home of Inspiration

This is Brantwood, home of John Ruskin (1819-1900) the artist, writer and champion of the welfare state. Ruskin absorbed the natural world around him and expressed his talents through paintings and poetry. In 1869 he was Professor of Fine Arts at Oxford and established the Ruskin School of Drawing (

The Brantwood Estate is suspended, afloat on the hillside above lake Coniston Water. The house  continues his legacy by exhibiting local artist’s work in a gallery. The gardens display the array of inspiration and the footpaths lead to the lakeside.




A Days Work…..

What did you do today?
I pushed out the boat
Watched over my shores
Kept possibilities afloat

I swaggered the banner
And raised the tide
Worked through anguish
For our sense of pride

I swept out the doubts
That folded around
Housing cool whispers
Putting fears to ground