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Bunch of flowers – a healing ritual from the ancient women

We have a healing ritual from the ancient medicine women in our own homes. The ancient Miriams, the Maryam, or the Marys are believed to be plant medicine women who worked with the energy of plant and water. Here I am calling upon the woman with the alabaster jar, with spikenard at the house in Mark 14:3, Mary Magdalene and Mother Mother, the women who prepared spices and perfumed oils (in Luke 23:55), the Myrrh bearers, Mary Salome and Mary Jacob. And Miriam, keeper of the waters, as far back as Numbers 20.

The sacred frequency of water from a spring or well was part of the vibration that accompanied the healing elements of the plant. Plant energies and water when consciously placed together, like alchemy, create medicine. We know this from remedies like Bach and Meldings.

Next time you choose a bunch of flowers, intuitively,  from the heart, from your source, take them home and place them in the vase, picture the healing you desire. As for the water, if you don’t have a fresh spring to collect water, try filtered water from a few refills. Place the water out in sunlight for energizing, motivation and positivity.  Place the water in moonlight for soft soothing, cleansing and letting go. When the flowers are place with your careful intentions, sit with them, bring your attention to this as a practice.  You can meditate with your gaze softly on the plant medicine you have created for your unique frequency, the plant, the water and You.

Next time you buy yourself a bunch of flowers, remember the ancient women healers also created medicine with plant, water and intention. Honour them, and remember them too. When you buy flowers for someone else, remember the intention for their healing, their frequency. And for a bit of fun, look up the meaning of the flowers you have chosen, the ones you pick out the most….you won’t be disappointed!

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The Mary Magdalene Gospel Books

And the oracle decks….😊💞🤗

These are the books on the translations of the Gospel of Mary. I use a wide view of the translations to find a feeling, a fit, that sits right with me. The sense I get is that the Gospel speaks to us on many levels of our own emotional landscape. The experience I have, and other readers, is that the Gospel can give a new meaning, a quote, a new message each time it is read. This is what is meant by a New Light. How do I know? I have just completed a Gospel of Mary reading course. All the participants in the group experienced New Lights from the text each week! Each time it is read, over and over, it speaks to us “at the level of the heart”.


The 7th Power – the Gospel of Mary Magdalene

The 7 Powers challenge the soul, this is the journey inwards in the words of the gospel of Mary. The overarching theme is to connect to the inner truth through the ascent of the soul. To call out deceptions and dominations to free or awaken to the remembrance of true nature, to Source and as the gospel states, to turn towards the Good. The 7th Power to me is where Mary is saying that the false view is to think of being cut off from source.

The wrathfulness is felt so deeply in the wording; Where do you come from slayer, murderer Where are you going conqueror, vagabond To me the slayer is the capacity to cut us off from our true self and the vagabond is how we rob ourselves from within. This to me is all an internal journey inward and an ascent to our wisdom within that has been sleeping inside us all along.

Translations by Jean Yves Leloup, Cynthia Bourgeault, Karen King.