For the sun will rise higher

the day is long
and yet the sun
shines for a short time
as winter is not yet done
the sun rises but
not so high as to
reach the garden chair
or flower beds for glory
power of the shine
is for only a spell
as I am reminded
of days that will come
a brief glimpse
of golden rays
spark of brighter days and
hope as spring will surely come


Weekly Photo Challenge: Room

There is something very medicinal about still waters. I love the reflective powers that nature initiates. Such images give the chance to  ruminate and the chance to breathe freely. This is my imitation of “A Room With  A View”. Room to grow, heal and be thoughtful.

Coniston Water


To go forward
Without looking back
Is to stay on
The same old track


One line, one motion
One solemn direction
No change, no vision
No salient correction


To only look forward
Is a solo play
The time that has past
Has not blown away