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Spring Equinox

To bird song
up in the tree
laughter sort
and gaiety

For dawn to break
with warming rays
comfort found
from cloudy days

To sounds so sweet
warmth entwine
embrace complete
To love divine

WPC: I’d Rather Be



Daily Prompt: Sin of Supposition

vintage nurseThe Golden Rules

In my nurse training I remember being introduced to  role modelling from mentorship with senior nurses with miles of experience. This modelling included examples that have stayed with me some 20 years later. The first rule of nursing I was told by my ward sister was “never assume anything.” The golden rule. “Don’t assume the nurse on the early shift has done all the dressings, she was busy and may have missed one patient through no fault just a busy ward. The observations have been done, go check, a patient may have not been at their bedside and the nurse in all good faith was going to go back to them later”. This golden rule will ensure a patient is well cared for. The second rule passed down to me was, that there is no such thing as “basic nursing care”. I learnt that a bed bath is not a task just to wash someone. A nurse on performing this personal care will also assess the patient holistically. For example, she’ll offer the patient a drink before they start and ask if they have had breakfast, first observation, assessing nutritional intake and swallow reflex. On preparing the bedside with the person’s toiletries a discussion on their usual routine, their choice of change of clothes, observation, patient choice, can they make decisions. Undressing the person, assessing their mobility and movements, skin condition, pressure areas, leg movement, speech, the list goes on. So as you can see there is nothing basic about care. My belief is that nurses were trained to be acute in their observations.


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Daily Prompt: Wasted Days and Wasted Nights

Fountains Abbey













Wasted Days

When time stands still
With hours to fill
Only clouds move by
Till dawn of next sky

Impatience is bound
For a new venture found
As days come to keep
The purpose we seek

The wasting of time
Wishing forward a crime
Anxiousness to weep
As golden days sweep

Longing to move on
A trepidatious song
Only keeps us from joy
With trickery, a ploy

Wishing time to the past
Hours to roll on fast
A life of speeding motion
A pebble in the ocean

Still the mind on track
Minutes, hours, to not lack
The seconds we have today
Are not stolen or mislaid


Daily Prompt: Children’s Society

tree swing

Days of young, collecting shells
Of whistling wind and bicycle bells
Of skating down the pavement hills
Holding hands with shrieks and shrills

Of racing out to climb the trees
Remembering the summer breeze
To sing out loud the story rhymes
And always losing track of time

Long summer days, with a hundred ways
To play street games for days and days
To staying out late sharpening sticks
And brushing up on football tricks

With friends to find a new adventure
Making a go cart, the constant inventor
Of treasuring those exciting years
And remembering all those peers


Daily Prompt: Camera Operator

Daily Prompt: The Show Must Go On


See through the lens
Of touched up days
Of brighter ways

See a new scene
Of dark to light
Of frame in sight

See still to frame
Of thoughts to hone
An image brought home

Photography by Janice January 2014