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Here and Now

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My town and its surrounding areas have been plagued by floods this winter. Movement from town to town is restricted as rainfall causes problems to roads, cars, and rail travel. It seems to be raining for a season. My recollection of previous winters has been cold mornings with frost covered lawns and a wind that slaps your face with a chilling sting. If wet, lingering rain and floods are to be our depths of winter then we are certainly not prepared. The ground is not prepared as no drainage is available and waterways are not viable. The foliage is not resting as trees and flora remain green. I wonder what fauna make of all this weather? What effect is this environmental change having on the animal life?

robinIn our current ways of living we know the effects of stress, lack of sleep and tiredness. Will the earth rest less, will wildlife struggle to maintain their habitats? And will spring come with a leap, or will lethargy remain in all things. I dearly hope that with the return of the early sunrise and brighter skies the earth will regain its step, light will rekindle all souls and rhythm will balance once more.

As we toast to the New Year may we collectively think of all Autumnleaves
those effected by weather change and displacement. So as the clocks chime to the start 2016 may we all think of those working, volunteering and coping. May all our hearts send goodwill to all people and to our home this planet we share, call earth.

For WPC: Now




Trees in Winter Sunlight


The frost will come
Still and opaque
No winds that wake
Nor hammering of rain

The air will chill
Breath to a cloud
Without a sound
Nor a droplet of song

Frozen in time
No light from dark
Beauty so stark
Nor sun rising higher


Tree Gathering


For WPC: Gathering

The darkened spruce
In the forest park
Stretching to heights
To reach the skylark

The cones and the ferns
Fallen to ground
Displaying tones
Of greenest foreground

The smell of the pines
Tell of winter perfumes
Of earthy emotions
Till daylight resumes