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A Longing View

 I feel you so near
But we’re miles apart
All would become clear
To confide and impart
Consuming intensity
Of wishing you here
Back then perplexity
Was pasted with fear
Thinking you are close
That you are at my side
A constant repose
Possibilities reside
(A view, a daydream for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreamy)






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My Garden


The year of 2013 has been a year of lessons. I took on the challenge to take better care of myself and also of my garden. I was not expecting that the two would be interchangeable.

I wanted a garden that would complement health and wellbeing. My aim was to have a garden with plants that had aromatherapy properties. I already had lavender, roses, geraniums, rosemary, camellia, to name a few. I soon realised that what I was striving to create already existed, was planted, I just needed to cultivate and nurture the plants to bloom.

My rationale was to create a sacred space where I could relax. Each day I noticed something new, a bud, a flower, sound and colour. I realised that I was becoming mindful. A skill I was once unfamiliar with as a 5 minute attempt at meditation only left me frustrated. I was no serene figure. I now know my mindfulness is my garden and the lessons that come from its teachings. Patience being the most difficult skill of all.

At the end of the Summer I realised my garden was to become quite stark unless I planted for the future. Our Winter is grey and dark and I would need some light and colour to brighten the mood. I have planted for the future months some daffodils, snow drops, crocus, and hyacinth for their fragrance uplifting scent. Like planning for a rainy day, I realise that a garden is hard work, takes nurturing and the results are unbelievably rewarding.

(Image from Google images)