113 Days till Summer


In January we had a sunny day but the wind was ice cold. I ventured out to take photos from the coast. This island with its ruined castle is magical on clear days. Wrapped up I took some photos and the reward was a hint of sun, a reminder of summer on its way, just 113 days.

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Believe the ocean a trusted motion
Every wave a guide brings in the tide
Luster of sea and sky, sun streams by
Incantation of sound being spellbound
Evening displays of suns rays
Vast air aflame to proclaim
Enduring desire never to tire

Today’s Writing 201 challenge
Your prompt: trust
Today’s form: acrostic
Today’s device: internal rhyme

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Honestly Not Ready To Begin


I can’t talk of what you did to me
No words express the multiplicity
It stays hidden in the depths of me
Like magma spray of callosity
One day the gates will open to see
There’s no telling what might be,
Explosive waves, wild horses set free
Fire of fury for all to see
But now I fear this foreboding task
That anyone should really ask
That I honestly remove the mask
To see the chasm of this flask
So I hold it safe, hold it within
It may eat away, all of this sin
I’m not ready for blast to begin
So I’ll hold it steady, hold it in

 Image is Walter Crane’s painting “Neptune’s Horses”